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Elevator Art – You’ll Wish You Heard Them First, Hipster

Submitted by Tornado Allie on March 11, 2011 – 4:02 PM

Elevator Art
MySpace has become a wasteland of useless, sucky bands, hostile conspiracy nuts, and sexual deviants – the digital equivalent of living on Avenue D. I haven’t logged into the site since the Facebook revolution … until now. See, I had to re-examine this band that I had just seen play at the famous (and somewhat infamous) Court Tavern in New Brunswick. This six-piece powerhouse called Elevator Art that combined bouncing, exuberant lyrical style with a jam-band-meets-classic-roots-rock sound would have torn the roof off of the Tavern if only they hadn’t been playing in the basement. The band bio from their ReverbNation website reads as follows:

Elevator Art is a demiurgic force creating a world of their own, and with styles ranging from dulcet and demure to soulful and quaking, it’s hard not to find your place within it. Hailing from Toms River, New Jersey, their subtle nuances and attention to detail propel their sound beyond average and into exceptional. As a band that strives for individuality, they embrace change as a necessary evolution and an opportunity for growth. Elevator Art’s witty lyrics are intellectual without being pretentious, and catchy without being vapid. The five members (Daimon, Jen, Joe, Liz, Maureen, and Mike) are each skilled in several instruments providing a wide range and an intrinsic adaptability, which is expanded by their use of multiple vocalists.

Accompanying their music is an energetic live performance which makes no sacrifices to quality. From the retro-inspired fusion of “Blah Blah Blah” to the whimsical waltz of “My Glass”, there is scarcely a niche Elevator Art cannot fit.

Yeah, it’s a little wordy, but it’s basically saying that this is the band to see live. This is the pony to bet on. This is the stripper to marry. There is no lull in their live show, just pretty, driving sound that surprises as well as pleases the aural palate. Their energy will make you cream your little indie panties. I highly recommend you go to their upcoming show on March 16th at The Watermark, right here in beautiful Asbury Park, New Jersey.

View a list of upcoming shows and get a sampling of Elevator Art’s eclectic and awesome music at their ReverbNation site.

See you at Watermark, kids.